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You want to pass your driving test and with our driving lessons in Birmingham, we will give you everything you need to pass your driving test, twice as fast and the first time around.
No learner driver wants to be forced to take too many driving lessons. Of course it costs alot, so you don't want to spend too much. So cheap driving lessons in Birmingham has become a decent thought, and you want a really good experiance too!...
We agree with you!
Just ask yourself a question, How much your life and your safety matters to you? Just thinking cheap and being test focused, means you are compromising your experiance and Skills! The 2 things that matters the most to keep you safe after your test!

How To Save Over £500
On Getting Your Driving Licence

Do you want driving lessons in Birmingham?  
Surely you want to be passing your driving test and many learners are looking to get their driving license, by looking for cheap driving schools in Birmingham…This is how we can help you save over £500 on getting your licence.
On average it takes 47 hours to pass the driving test along with another 20 hours or so of private practice. So just by looking at those figures, we can see if we can start to decrease the numbers you need.
lets say,if you did 1 hour a week, or maybe 2 hours a week, then its fair to say you are going to need around 30 minutes catch up time to fully remember what you did on your last lesson and bringing your skills up to speed. So, on a one hour lesson you are wasting a load of time, and on a 2 hour lesson you could be wasting as much as 25% purely on forgetting things you have learned. When you practice something, you got to keep practicing – right?
Therefore doesn’t it make perfect sense to try and take a lesson every 3 or 4 days, the less time in between, the less you forget.

Overall you could save around 10 to 12 lessons, and that is in the region of £250 to £300 at current rates. That is the sort of Driving Lessons in Birmingham you want.
However there is another bonus for you as well.
You are not going to need private practice if you are taking a driving lesson in Birmingham with Aceway twice a week. The cost, even if at just £45 a week to cover insuring the family car, putting fuel in it and then you also have wear and tear on the brakes and clutch, is going to be in the £300 to £400 mark if you insure the car for only 3 months. These driving lessons in Birmingham prove you can save a lot of money doing it our way.
So you can quickly see how working with Aceway could save you a bucket load of money.
We are not just a driving school in Birmingham to give you lessons and to help you pass your driving test, we genuinely care that you get the very best value for money. Phone us today.

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Do you want to know why you have to choose Us?
Driving School In Birmingham
There is no secret to passing first time, it is indeed all about how you prepare with your driving school in Birmingham.
Many learners are going to fail, because they believe they need to know how to drive a car. Others still fail even when they have the correct answer of being a safe driver is the way to pass your driving test.
Learner drivers are failing because they do not understand what it means to be a safe driver or to describe it, yet it is what the driving examiner is looking for. To be classified as a safe driver you need the right mentality, you must follow the Highway Code, have the car under control at all times and you have got to be able to spot hazards and avoid them!
What our driving instructors in Birmingham will do is to help you understand those points on each and every lesson. You see if you want cheap driving lessons in Birmingham then really you have got to know how to pass your driving test. We have showed how you could save over £500, and now we have just demonstrated on how to pass your driving test the first time with our driving lessons in Birmingham.
The cost of failing your test to include a new test and more lessons is in the region of £250, yet just by following our guidelines you may be able to save towards £750. There are schools offering cheap driving lessons in Birmingham with discounted starter lessons, but they don’t get you very far, perhaps you might be able to save £50 or a £100 but that is insignificant to what we teach you.
Also We Have Asian Female Driving Instructors In Birmingham
Asian female driving instructors in Birmingham are pretty rare to find, especially the good ones but we have female driving instructors in Birmingham from different backgrounds to help you pass your driving test.
Our Asian female driving instructors in Birmingham are reserved only for female learner drivers.
Right from your very first phone call you will start to feel relaxed and comfortable, that really is the best way to start your process of learning how to drive and passing the driving test. On your first driving lesson we will have you driving and your first target as a learner driver is to be able to drive home. It is unlikely you will be driving home on your first lesson, the type of roads play a major role in that, but soon you will be feeling really proud and seeing a lot of progress when you are able to drive home for the first time.
We would like to help you get started with studying and passing your theory test as this will help you to learn how to drive, many people dismiss the theory test as just an obstacle to get over, but in fact it can save you a few hours in driving lessons because the instructor will need to prompt you less. After you have passed your theory test we can start to look into booking your driving practical test.
For driving lessons in Birmingham, please give us a call and ask for availability.
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1 - When you book your first lesson with us, if you decide you don't wish to proceed, you will be fully refunded! 
2 - If you don't pass first time, your second test will be paid for! 
​3 - A free refresher lesson within 2 years of passing (ideal for those that don't get a car straight away). 
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